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About Cracked Car Trap

We are a website dedicated to bringing you the latest information concerning the types of car traps that are avoidable with just a little useful information. We are dedicated to providing consumers with more than enough information to accurately wade through the web of traps one may find themselves in while purchasing or repairing their vehicles. 

Our authors are well versed in the tricks of the trade and will give you the tools needed to navigate the car repair industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you avoid the car traps that others have fallen victim to. If anything here helps you, please be sure to share our website on social media with others. Thanks for your support in our endeavor to empower the community with information that may help them avoid the common car traps that many of us have found ourselves in before.

What We Do

We provide articles of information for consumers looking to purchase automobiles or automobile parts and services.





“Cracked Car Trap saved me from making a $650 mistake”

“A website with a lot of information on avoiding car repair troubles”

“A wealth of information on common car traps that people find themselves in.”

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