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Whether you have recently had an automobile accident on the road or a natural disaster left your car with severe damage, the most important thing is getting back to normal. It is inevitable that our cars will require various repairs and part replacements over the years – sometimes through wear and tear, while other times, it is due to negligence or an accident. In many cases, however, we never know when disaster will strike and it can be difficult to be both mentally and financially prepared for such a situation. Various forms of weather, age, temperatures and even vandalism can lead to damaged auto glass, mandating a need for replacing or repairing windows and windshields. We often do not think about the glass in our vehicles being vulnerable, but just one small chip or crack can create a bigger mess down the road. Whenever a bigger form of damage occurs, you may instantly need a replacement piece of glass installed before you can operate the vehicle safely. Whatever your situation, there are probably a few questions that need to be answered. Below, we’ll address some of the most commonly-asked questions about auto glass repair so that you can be prepared and informed. When can repairs be performed? In the vast majority of cases, you will be able to find an auto glass technician that can perform the repairs the same day. In some larger areas, 24-hour service is also able for any accidents that occur after hours. In the event that you cannot find an auto shop that will perform repairs during the evening hours or at night, next day service can be guaranteed by many. If your vehicle is unsafe to operate, a mobile technician can come to you and ensure that the window repair or replacement job is performed accurately and adequately. How long does the process take? In most cases, your repairs can be performed in less than one hour. You will need to allocate time for the technician to arrive, but even complicated repair jobs usually can be done on lunch hour. For those who need a complete windshield or window replacement, however, you may need to allow up to two hours for the repairs to be performed. These tasks are a bit more complex and will require the removal of the old glass and installation of a compatible replacement. A bit of time is then required for the curing agent to solidify the bond between the vehicle and the new window or windshield. Will my auto insurance cover it? This has to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will need to be verified with your auto insurer, but there is a general rule of thumb. Most full-coverage insurance policies will provide coverage for auto glass repairs at no cost to you, but a complete windshield replacement will most likely only be covered once the deductible on your policy has been met. In some cases, you may be out of pocket up to $200 for a windshield replacement (the total cost is usually $300-400 without insurance), but small cracks or chips that can be repaired without replacing the glass should be covered. Again, it is important to double-check this with your insurance agent before proceeding. Can a technician do…? Whenever your auto glass is damaged, you may be worried that auxiliary features cannot be fixed or repaired alongside with it. For instance, some windshields have rain detection systems embedded in them, or special window tint to filter out harmful wavelengths of light. Nearly all auto glass repair and replacement services are qualified to perform these types of repairs; all you have to do is ask! If a technician is incapable of addressing your specific features, then it is highly likely that there is another repair shop in the air that can. How do I know if a technician is qualified? The auto glass industry is quite unregulated, so it can be difficult at first to know if the technician you plan to hire is qualified to perform the repairs. There are many organizations out there, such as the Auto Glass Safety Council, that provide accreditation and can help you identify respect auto glass service providers in the area. If you have any further doubts about the business, it is always worth it to do some basic research with the Better Business Bureau. This way, you can see if any complaints have been lodged against the company. While such an act isn’t always a full-proof solution, it will help you avoid the most unscrupulous of shops. Conclusion With the most commonly-asked questions about auto glass repair covered here today, you can be better informed of the situation and know what to be on the lookout for if you need these services. There are plenty of other questions you might have, so feel free to inquire further if you need to know something. Most auto glass repair shops are trustworthy businesses and will do the job properly, but it never hurts to keep a watchful eye out for potentially bad behavior.