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Between dangerous weather conditions and the unpredictable road ahead, you never know when auto damage may arise. Many people have had slides, slips and even wrecks while driving, but auto glass damage seems to be less of an occurrence than these issues for most. Most people carry some form of auto insurance, and that auto insurance usually covers any needed auto glass repair or replacement work. Why then, would someone choose to perform the work themselves? As it turns out, the damage caused to your auto glass during an incident may either not be covered by your insurance, or the insured may not be aware that their policy covers this. Unfortunately, auto glass repair kits can be a bad choice, as we’ll explain below. Your auto glass needs to be properly installed and maintained, which requires the services of a professional. In essence, there is no self repair kit for your auto glass that can ensure that. Below, we’ll outline why you need to steer clear of any auto glass repair kits and let the damage be handled by a seasoned auto glass professional.

Cleaning Windows

Whenever you need to repair a windshield or piece of auto glass, you may wonder where to begin. The instructions in your auto glass repair kit may tell you how to perform the repairs, but some can leave out important beginning steps that professionals know to do. One of these steps pertains to cleaning the windows of your car – did you know a primer solution should be used before any repairs are made? Most repair technicians bring their own cleaning supplies to the scene when performing any repairs, and they are designed to break down any grease, dirt or residue that might cause an improper repair to occur. Most do it yourself repair kits include some form of cleaner, but the quality of it can often be questioned. If you want to start your repair job off right, then you can’t resort to a do it yourself solution.

Resin and Tools

Unfortunately, we often get what we pay for. When it comes to the type or quality of resign that is included in do it yourself auto glass repair kits, you’re likely going to find an inferior product. Resin is used by injecting it into the crack as a way to seal the damage and prevent it from spreading. Unfortunately, these types of resins can fail at their job. It doesn’t have to do with the resin exclusively, but also the tools that are used in the process. Whenever resin is introduced to a crack or chip, there are a variety of tools that an auto glass technician would use. These professional tools can make sure that the resin makes it way into every crevasse and pocket; regular resin isn’t inherently much different, but the tools used in a DIY kit are. You may think it’s a simple process, but do it yourself kits often include plastic tools – many of which are not capable of delivering the same pressure or quality of application as professional tools that auto glass technicians possess.


Repairing a windshield or any type of auto glass isn’t easy. It takes time, education and dedication to do properly. Why then would you try to repair it yourself with no prior experience? Your auto glass plays an important safety role when you’re behind the wheel: it keeps wind and debris from harming you, but also protects the roof of the vehicle’s strength in the event of a rollover. Without a properly repaired windshield, you could be risking life and limb. This is why trained technicians are so important in the process of repairing your auto glass. Even the slightest mistake – one that could easily be made by you while using a do it yourself repair solution – may leave the windshield or glass compromised to the point that severe injury or even a fatality might occur in an accident in the future. Even if this isn’t the case, there could be other problems (like leakage from an improper resin bond). Your auto glass provides ample safety and convenience anywhere and everywhere on the road. In order to guarantee that, you must procure the services of a qualified auto glass technician whenever there is damage. In some cases, a repair is not possible – a complete replacement will be needed. If you perform the repair with a DIY kit, how can you be for sure which is needed? You should steer clear of any do it yourself auto glass repair kits due to several reasons, which include the lack of training on your part to perform the repairs, the reduced quality of tools that are included in the repair kits and the quality of cleaning products provided with these options. By leaving these repairs in the hands of qualified professionals, you’ll be sure to receive top-notch auto glass repair and replacement services.