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A small rock or pebble escapes swiftly and unexpectedly from below the tires of a jeep in front of you and leaves a tiny yet sharp and deep mark on your windshield. That is how it can start and slowly progress into a crack, expanding its limits deeper and broader in your windshield. Before you know, it is obstructing your line of sight, and you are confused while driving, especially at night.


If you find yourself in a similar situation, you should know that it is time for a windshield replacement. Sometimes, the damage seems small and contained within a particular area, but how do you decide that you do not require a windshield replacement? Why do you need to replace a windshield even if it seems that it is not going anywhere? What are the reasons that may compel you to replace your windshield? Let’s look at them one by one :

 1) You see a Crack

Most automobile owners start to worry about windshields when they see a crack that is expanding in a particular direction. It is important to carefully observe if there is even the slightest crack in your windshield as they can grow unnoticeably into large cracks, thus creating a continuous safety hazard for you and any passengers in your vehicle. Do not wait for the crack to spread through to the entire screen and impair the driver’s side view. Get that looked at by a professional as you may need a windshield replacement depending upon the size, location, and type of crack.

 2) You see Scratches

Sometimes due to various reasons including but not limited to sharp objects touching the windscreen of your vehicle repeatedly, excessive scratching can occur on your windshield. Getting to the bottom of the cause of scratching is imperative if you want to save your windshield. If the scratches are on the driver’s side and blurring the vision, then it may be too late, and replacement of the windshield might be the only option you have.

 3) Incorrect Installation

Getting trapped in the hands of an inexperienced auto mechanic is a horrific nightmare that no one wants to go through, yet, for one reason or the other, it keeps happening around us. If the person doing an auto glass replacement on your car is not an experienced professional and makes even a little mistake in the balance or grip during the installation of the windscreen, you will soon see its repercussions and may need to replace your windshield as soon as possible.

 4) Windshield Pitting

Pitting is the phenomenon that occurs when the light at a certain angle shines on your front screen and blinds you completely. It may occur either due to substandard quality of windshield or only after a particular time, due to repeated exposure to sand and dust at high speeds. Whatever the reason may be, the only solution might be a windshield replacement.

The front windshield of your vehicle is your optimum safety measure against anything in the external environment while driving. Its quality, health, integrity, and condition should never be ignored or under-estimated. If a quality professional who is an expert in the field tells you that you need a windshield replacement, do not waste any time.

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